Jumat, 16 Juni 2017

SPEECH "The Impact of technology"

Good Afternoon All
Honorabe Miss Dini
As well ladies and gentleman that I hold dear.
   Today I would like to speech about The impact of technology. Before I start a speech, let us to saya thanks to The God for giving his Grace and guidance so that we are always Given a health favors until this day.
On this occasion I Will deliver speech about The impact of technology ini The era of globalization.before we enter The key notes of speech, it helps us tolong know whether it is disbut with technology.?
    Surely everyone has a separate answer about The notion of technology. Some argue that technology is The results of sciences and there is also The opinion that technology is everything that cantik helps simplify The work Done humans. If Taken from both arguments or opinion are True. Technology ia The results of The development of science that serves to helps simplify The work done humans. Positive and negative impacts Will always be present on every new thing.not different from Technology, a technology of course also Have positive and negative impacts.
 Ladies and gentleman. As we All know The technology that developed atau The present Times has huge share in various aspects of human life. This creation also aims to make it easier for to communicate.for example, from The results of technology such as HP,tv,computer, and internet anda certainly mantan others. Of course The above technological results provide benefits to Us. For example on handphone, ini The exitence of Handphone. We communicate By mail. After itu developed into using home telephone, and now we know The Name of Handphone. Handphonenya this now also has developed rapidly, which intially can olny send text messages, now can send messages in The form of pictures and voice messages .This ia The positive impact of a technology.
    But when viewed from The others side The utilization of this technology is often miss understood By some parties who are less responsible. So as to produce a negative impact for The technology it self.
Then The question arises, that is how aksi we over come The negative impact of The Technology? Many argue, The negative impact of a technology that we dan overcome By way of learning, which aims that we are not top dependent ini The technology or ini others word we are advised not to use technology ini excess.
 Then again The question arises,whether ini this era of globalization we can regardless of The Name technology? Many people who answer no. Because ini Anda era like this we can not be separated from a thing called technology it is because of The Technology itu self we can finish our work Morena easily.
   Well ladies and gentleman, this technology Will benefits Us of we do not missunderstand or misuse The technology come with our wisdom attitude, we use this technology to bring benefits for ourselves as well as for others do not we even bring harm others.
 That's enough speech from me. Thanks for tour attention..
The link of YouTube SPeech about The impact of technology

Jumat, 26 Mei 2017

My Daily Activities

Hi Guys, My Name is Novi Vera Nurhidayah but you dan call me Novi. I'am 18 years old. I would like to tell you about My Daily Activities.
        I was student ini faculty of mathematics and natural sciences atau Tanjungpura University. As usually I busy with The class  schedule from Monday to Friday.
Ini The morning I wake update status 4.30 AM.i take a bath and after that salat subuh. Then I Cleared up The room first. At 7.30 AM I went to the Campus until the lecture is finished. in Monday and Wednesday there is a schedule of The chemistry lab and I back to home from campus atau 5.PM . I rest a for a minute and after that a bath ini The afternoon. At 7.30 PM I started to open The book and work on college assigments. If there is no task journal and the report i usually sleep early before 23.PM, but if there is I sleep at 2. AM.

Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017


         Entrepreneur ship is now Booming in Indonesia. a lot of people who want to become entrepreneurs succesful. A wife variety of business that dan be created this time.

         The business that I want to created in the future is i want to make a culinary business. Hmmmm why i want to created The business of culinary? Because I'am lover of food, i want to try a wide variety of culinary of the things that makes my idea to make a culinary business in the future and I think, culinary business is a promising business.
           I want to make a culinary business that should definitely have a distinctive feature and uniqueness,in order to have difference from the culinary business other.
            Ok,that's My Future Business...
                               Thank's 😄

Jumat, 05 Mei 2017

DISCUSSION "Iron Smoothed Robot"

                IRON SMOOTHED ROBOT
Srı.   :Good Mornıng Novı
Novı :Good mornıng Srı (see wıth a strange)
Srı.    :Why you looked at me lıke that?
Novı. :today, you look lıke dıfferents. Your clothes look crumpled and untıdy.
Srı.     :yes, you're rıght .ı dıdn't ıron my                     clothes because ırons ı was broken. I               thınk ı want to make a robot lıke ıron             to practıcally fold the clothes.
Novı.  :HMmm, that's good ıdea. What ıf we              were both make robots ıron                              multıfunctıons and practıcally                          smoothed our clothes for everyday.
Srı.     :ı'am agree. What ıs the name of the                 robot that we wıll make?
Novı.  :the name's of the robot ıs "Iron                        smoothed robot"
Srı.      :wow ıt was the unıque name's.                        What are part that there are ın the                   robot?
Novı.   :The part of the robot ıs two hand to                 smoothed clothes, the fleksıble body,               and easy mode to operate.
Srı.       :how many the prıce of the robot?
Novı.    : ı thınk, USD 350.
Srı.       : Okay,  lets we try to make ıt...

The vıdeo of "Iron smoothed robot" can be viewed on the link youtube below:


Minggu, 30 April 2017

How To Make Sauteed Bitter ground Mix Shrimp Nano-nano Taste

Hello everbody, Welcome to my blog again 😊

Guys,  do you know what the name of the plant in the picture above?

Yes, that's Right 👍.the name of the plant in the picture above is the "Bitter Ground".
     Seems to have been more familiar with the fruit from the vines called "Bitter ground" this. Bitter ground is known to have a bitter taste but not a few who love to be eaten as a vegetable, (my self included likes to eat the vegetable bitter ground. 😀)
     In my post this time, i will give tips on cooking and processing the vegetable bitter ground that are not bitter and becomes a delicious taste 😄

*The main Ingredients
  -One of bitter ground big
  -Shrimp 350 gr
  -Cooking oil to taste
  -water to taste
*Spice Stir-fry
  -Some chilies (according to taste)
  -tamarind to taste
  -Shallot and Garlic to taste
  -sugar to taste
  -1 Shrimp paste

~Prepare the Ingredients and Seasonings
 •clean and peel shrimp that has been prepared
 •puree marinade seasonings such as Chili, garlic, shallot and shrimp paste
~Process Bitter ground
• Halve the bitter ground that has been provided into two parts. Remove the seeds of bitter ground in it.
• Thin slices of the bitter ground
• take on spoon salt, then mix in the pieces of bitter ground. Squezee to remove the bitter taste
• next, wash the bitter ground to clean.

~how to make sauteed bitter ground mix shrimp nano-nano taste
  1.first,  saute spice that have been mashed until frafrant in hot oil
  2.then, add the sugar, salt, tamarind, stir until smooth
  3.then, put the shrimp that have been cleaned ,saute the shrinp until cooked and changed        color to brown.
  4.next, put the pieces of bitter ground. Stir until half wilted. Then add water to taste.  Cook       until  the bitter ground is ripe.
  5.last, lift the stir-fry and serve

Hmmmmmm delicious 😄

The tutorial of "How to Make Sauteed Bitter ground Mix Shrimp Nano-nano taste " can be viewed at the link below

Okay that's my post today 


Sabtu, 15 April 2017

Ask an Expert

Hello Guys, welcome to my Blog again.

      In this season i will post result of interview a person who has special ability.
Everyone has the expertice and ability that is different.. Anyone has the abilty to painting, dancing, singing, playing ball, cooking and others. One example is My friend.

Name     : Alda Fatmawati Octavianty
Address : jalan Karangan, No. 21 (Kompleks UNTAN)
Motto.    : align the intentions expect the blessing of God and beneficial for others
Hobby.   : Read the novel and listen the music

      Alda Fatmawati octavianty is student in Mathematics and Natural Sciences Fakulty of Tanjungpura University, Mathematic study program. She is my friend who has the ability to create a Poem. She began to have the ability to create a poem starting from the 1st grade of high school. The reason why she likes to create a poem because she thinks the word in the poem are the beautiful words. In the poem she can express and tell her feelings. Ever achieved his third winner at the national student art competition west borneo.

That's is my post today,
Thanks 😊


Jumat, 31 Maret 2017


Hello Guys, how are you today?
Welcome to my Blog again 😄

Guys,What do you think about "Music"? Who never listen to music?
Eveyone must have listen to music or enjoy it with a variety of genres of music there.
    Even up there said life without music like vegetables without salt.hmmm i agree with the opinion 👍.i think music is a universal language that can be understood by the entire community.Music is sound that is structured such that it contains rhythm, song, and harmony, especially of sound produced from the tools that can produce rhythm. Although music is a kind of phenomenon of intuition, to create, improve and present is an art form hear music is a kind of entertainment.
    Talking about MUSIC 🎼🎵🎶 my own buff music cool be heard that has meaning in the sense that in addition to the music, which can be accepted in my ears, the lyrics also have meaning and messages in it.
We need to know the music has a variety of function, namely:
1. The Music as an expression of emotional.
2. The Music as an appreciation of the aesthetic
3. The music as entertainment
4. The Music as communication
5. The Music as a reaction to physical
6. The Music as a continuity culture.

   So, i can't imagine live without Music 🎼🎵🎶
The postings from me, see you in the next post 😊🌹💐

Thank You 🙏